Sankshema is a Charitable not for Profit Trust registered in 1990.

After a brief socio-economic survey, Sankshema began it’s journey to focus on cancer awareness, detection, and treatment along with supporting deprived rural students to help them pursue higher education.

Sushruta Cancer Hospital

Sushruta Cancer Hospital named after the famous ancient Indian surgeon “SUSHRUTA” was set up in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh in 1992 with a capital cost of two crores. The Cancer Hospital serves the rural poor who are suffering with cancer and are unable to travel to a city for treatment or bear the treatment cost. Usually, the cost of boarding and lodging in a city for a patient and an attendant is higher than the cost of treatment.

Sankshema Scholarship Fund

Many bright, hardworking and deserving students in India do not complete their education because of poor economic background. In spite of these odds, they manage to qualify in the entrance exams for professional streams, but they back out due to lack of financial support and to build this last mile bridge Sankshema helps children of poor farmers and daily wage labourers with the much need scholarships to enable them to dream big.