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From a humble start-up as a chit-fund company in 1981 to a tremendously successful corporate giant, the Kapil Group has covered a truly inspirational journey in leaps and bounds. Since its inception, the Group has forayed into an exhaustive range of businesses with 35-plus companies under its aegis. Our services transcend Chit Funds, Financial Services, Fintech, Information Technology and Consulting, New Age Drone Technology, Construction Industry, Solar Power, Electronic and Print Media, Foods and Beverages, Healthcare, and many more.




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Happy Customers

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Dear Stakeholders of Kapil Group,

K. Vaman Rao
On completion of over four decades of journey of ‘Kapil Group’, I share my thoughts, with all the stakeholders, with regard to our journey till now and journey ahead of us.

With a view to wean away fresh graduates from being influenced by extremist activities in northern Telangana, ‘Kapil Group’ was born on 1st May, 1981, in Karimnagar District of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State, India.

Fresh graduates from local colleges in districts were recruited by empowering them, to conduct all business operations themselves i.e. onboarding customers, serving them to the best of ability,
in an absolutely transparent manner, by fulfilling what is committed, without infringing any
law of the land.
With this in view, the ‘Group’ added new business activities, each year, either
by way of expansion or entering totally new lines of business.

Our Core Values:

  • To be transparent and equitable in all dealings with stakeholders by fulfilling all promises made, whether in pandemic or otherwise.

  • Empower all staff members to fulfill the commitments made to the customers, come rain or shine.

  • Contribute back to society by keeping aside fair amount of share in the profits.

These values have led ‘Kapil Group’ to serve several lakhs of customers in the fields of financial services, hospitality, information technology, real estate, agriculture, media, green energy, drones and what not. While Group has prospered over four decades of journey, as any other corporate, we have our share of ups and downs. Over the period we have learnt the importance of nurturing sustainable businesses, both in terms of addressing the need of providing best customer services and at the same time, need of achieving optimal profitability, which are very important to serve the interests of all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. Since all commitments made can be fulfilled only by the staff working in the company, all staff members are appropriately incentivized, when the core values are met.

I take this opportunity to thank thousands of our staff members, serving several lakhs of customers for decades.
I also take this opportunity to reassure all our customers that the core values of Kapil Group are strongly imbibed in our people to fulfill all commitments made in the times to come.

Warm regards,
K. Vaman Rao
Chairman- Kapil Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission

Kapil Group’s mission is to transform the services ecosystem with the purpose of enabling superior customer experiences. In doing so, we aim to harness cutting-edge technology and further innovate upon it to drive inspirational business growth for clients and help them sustain it. Our mission enables us to profoundly enrich the experiences of our customers and make a difference in the standards of service delivery.

Our Vision

Inspiring a Trust-based Relationship with our Customers and Stakeholders

At Kapil Group, we strongly believe in the need to earn invaluable goodwill by making a tremendously positive difference in our stakeholders’ experiences with us. We are constantly in pursuit of our vision by ensuring extraordinary and unrivaled quality of services to our clients. This significantly drives our employee capabilities and positively influences our organizational standing, helping us build a truly worthwhile relationship of faith and trust with our customers, stakeholders, and the wider society.

Synergy. Ethics. Sustainability.

Our philosophical foundations are strongly rooted in synergy, ethics, and sustainability. We always stand by those principles while being impactful for our customers, employees, stakeholders, and society at large. The above values always reflect in our business environment, shaping remarkable outcomes and inspiring a great overall outlook for the organization.