Helping Society to Be a Better Place to Grow and Learn



Education Made Accessible for the Underprivileged

Many bright minds in India are unable to receive their education due to adverse life circumstances. Through its charitable trust 'Sankshema', Kapil Group helps students from underprivileged backgrounds to complete their higher education through worthwhile scholarship schemes.

With Sankshema’s support, thousands of underprivileged students have been making great strides in their careers. Today, they are also contributing to Sankshema and helping several students of their kind to rise in life, thus giving back to society.

Orphanage for Children


  • Spacious orphanage facility spread over a sprawling 816 sq. yards of land.
  • 5 floors with fire safety equipment installed.
  • Dedicated spaces for 33 beds, kitchen, dining hall, resting room/sick room, indoor games, restroom/washroom, wash area, and parking.
  • Security personnel and CCTV cameras for security.

Orphanage for Children

The Group runs a children’s orphanage with the name Kapil Balakuteer which houses girls and boys of school-going age. The orphanage provides them shelter with several facilities for their sustenance, well-being, development, and safety.

Cancer Care

World-class Cancer Treatment for the Underprivileged

We care for the community and we believe in the well-being of everyone. With that in mind, under its charitable trust Sankshema, the Kapil Group ran a not-for-profit, 150-bed state-of-the-art Cancer hospital named Sushruta from 1995 to 2019 in Karimnagar. Its name Sushruta is inspired by the ancient renowned Indian surgeon of the same name.

This Cancer hospital catered to the cancer treatment and nutritional needs of underprivileged sections of people free of cost, saving their lives with world-class treatment and helping them lead better lives. The Sushruta Cancer Hospital was instrumental in looking after the cancer treatment of populations in rural areas.