From a Startup in 1981
To a Conglomerate Today

Accompany Us Down the Memory Lane.

What is today a conglomerate of successful ventures was once a startup. The journey of Kapil Group can be best described as “unstoppable” as year after year, it expanded and branched out to become one of the most elite business groups in India.


Our Verticals

Chit Funds

Established in 1981, Kapil Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Kapil Chit Funds Pvt. Ltd.) is the esteemed flagship company of the renowned Kapil Group. With a rich history and unwavering commitment to excellence, it has emerged as a trusted leader in the Chits business. Through strategic expansion, it now operates six subsidiaries in diverse regions, reflecting visionary leadership and solidifying its position as an industry pioneer.