We are Kapil Group

Kapil Group is a conglomerate of over 35 companies involved in 24+ different businesses, 400+ offices and 16,000 employees. Our flagship business is Chits. We operate in varied verticals like Real Estate and Construction, Media – Electronic and Print, Hospitality and Business centres, Health and Charity. Each business is professionally managed with a separate board and executive committee.


All group companies were incubated with the intention of seeing that all our investors, employees and customers benefit. The satisfaction of having generated employment for so many thousands of people associated with the group is a driving factor for the entire top management at Kapil Group. The group strives hard to fulfill the aspirations of all stakeholders associated with Kapil Group.

Build businesses that provide highest quality of products and services to all stake holders.

Our purpose is to add value to our customers, employees and investors while maintaining our uncompromising principles and values as we grow and be useful to society at large.