Our Journey

With several decades of business experience behind us, our journey is best described by the adage. To multiply small successes is precisely to build one treasure after another. In time one grows rich without realising how it has come about


May 18


A thriving and successful economy needs capital formation. Banks and banking related companies have for decades in all economies played the role of capital formation. In India, the banking and non-banking sectors are entrusted with creating capital and deploying that capital to entrepreneurs. A chit fund company plays a significant role in creating capital. It enables entrepreneurs and savers through a unique system of borrowing and saving by its members. Kapil Chit Funds, the flagship company of Kapil Group has been helping borrowers and savers for the past 40 years. Kapil Chit funds pvt ltd was incorporated on 1st May 1981. Currently Kapil Chits has 214 branches, in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the largest registered chit fund companies in the telugu speaking states. It has generated employment directly and indirectly to more than 15000 people. The company has a subscriber base of over 700,000. The company has well established operating systems in place.
April 18


Kapil Group forayed into printing, by publishing Navata, a current affairs magazine in 1984. The group now publishes The Hans India an English newspaper simultaneously from Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Amaravathi, Kurnool, Nizamabad, Tirupati, Warangal and New Delhi.
April 19

Bread Manufacturing

We entered into a management contract with Spencers Bread, to help us understand bread manufacturing. Later, we started selling bread under our brand “Mayur” Bread manufacturing units were set up in Nizamabad, Eluru etc. Currently, these units are leased out.
June 7

Cancer Hospital

Sushruta cancer hospital, a not for profit charitable hospital was started in 1992, to serve the rural poor suffering from cancer. Currently the hospital has been taken over by Omega hospitals. Omega has improved existing facilities by introducing new and advanced medical equipment.
April 19

Real Estate

The group entered the real estate sector, by purchasing lands with clear titles, developing and plotting the land. We have successfully launched and completed 25 layouts.
April 19

Agro Farms

Kapil Agro Farm India Pvt Ltd is involved in large scale cultivation of horticultural plants with know how from Israel. Eleven different types of fruits are grown in a methodical manner to ensure maximum utilization of space and water. Drip irrigation is used throughout the farm. Water harvesting is given prime importance with large man-made water harvesting pits. This results in higher yield of fruit per acre. Kapil Agro is also into cultivation of vegetables and fruits. The idea is to transfer this knowledge to farmers, so that they enjoy the benefits of high yield cultivation and are financially independent.
April 19


HMTV was established in 2009 to provide un-biased reporting on socio-economic development in India in general and the two telugu speaking states in particular. A lot of focus and effort is being put on digital platforms – the internet and social media, to give the user quality and useful news, while being business relevant for the present generation.
June 7

Health Club

An individual does not have the bargaining capacity that a group of individuals have. By bringing together a group of individuals, and negotiating with Hospitals, and healthcare providers, Kapil Health Club is able to add value. Health club members enjoy privileges like discounted health care at top corporate hospitals, diagnostic centers, telephonic consultation with doctors and primary health care centres etc. Kapil Health Club provides life and general insurance also.
April 19

Information Technology

IT and Software is the backbone of any business. Without monitoring systems, it is difficult for businesses to function. Initially the IT division was started for in-house businesses. We have a competent team of engineers who have mastered the art of developing and implementing software in financial and non-finance verticals. We have a suite of products which cater to the chit fund industry, Non-banking sector – NBFC’s, MAC’s, Nidhi’s, Media, Hospitality, Real Estate and Construction. A mobile application development team is in place to ensure instant and easy collection
April 9

Products Distribution

Sensing an opportunity in the office automation space and leveraging on our network of branches Acetech Products was started in 2009. Acetech is into distribution and service of Copiers, Computers, Servers etc.
April 19

High Rise Construction

After financial services, construction of commercial high-rise buildings is significant for the group. To achieve this, we have an in-house team of civil, structural and MEP engineers. This team coordinates with consultants and site engineers to ensure that our construction quality is un-paralleled.
April 7

Property Management

Property management is essential for maintaining a building in top-notch condition. Security services, Housekeeping and engineering services are essential divisions of property management. Their services extend to leasing and lease management. The property management team does an excellent job in ensuring that all our commercial buildings operate smoothly 24*7. The same services are also offered to outside clients.
August 15

Ayurveda Hospitals & Wellness Centres

Ayurveda – means “Science of Life”. Ayurveda as a healthcare system is preventive, preservative and curative. It focuses on harmonizing the body, mind and soul, helping an individual holistically through panchakarma treatments. Kapil Ayurveda Chikitsalayam, is a multi-speciality hospital aimed at getting to the root cause of an ailment. KAC expanded its reach with a second facility in 2019.
June 7

NBFC (Non Banking Financial Services)

Since the group has an existing strength in the NBFC space, the same knowledge is used to provide loans via our NBFC company Bijay Finance. Bijay provides Vehicle, Consumer, Personal and Business loans.
June 7

Solar Power

Clean and renewable energy are required far into the future. It is a known fact that Oil and Coal reserves are depleting year-on-year. Seeing an opportunity, Kapil Power was setup. Kapil Power provides on and off grid solar power generation solutions. Kapil Power provide EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services to outside clients as well.
April 19


Pre-Cast technology is a quick and cost-effective construction method. We have seen pre-cast being used progressively in high rise commercial and residential construction over the past few years. We offer pre-stressed pre-cast compound walls and concrete blocks.
April 19

Restaurant & Hospitality

The travel and tourism industry has been growing from 9 million foreign tourists in 2016 to expected foreign tourist arrivals of 20 million in 2020. India ranks 4th in the Food and Beverage industry globally, behind US, China and Japan. Kapil forayed into this sector with 20 rooms in 2014, grew to a total inventory of 178 rooms in 2015. We have another 235 rooms in pipeline. In food and beverage space, we currently have a 400 cover restaurant that has been leased out.
June 7

Business Centre

Setting up an office is cumbersome. It is not just about a lease rental. Recruiting core staff and support staff, getting office furniture and the required IT infrastructure, consume a large portion of an entrepreneur’s time. The new age entrepreneur has an excellent option of choosing to start at a business center. A business center gives him the flexibility to scale up, or to entrench his or her feet in business. With all non-core activities like IT infrastructure and housekeeping taken care of by the business center, running a business is a breeze. Kapil Business center started with 220 seats in 2015 and now has over 1000 seats in 4 centers and two locations.
June 7

Digital Media

In an extremely short period of time, the internet has caught up with all of us. Large business today are not manufacturing and engineering companies, but Information Technology companies. Digital media is playing an increasingly large role in influencing decisions of an individual. Every company today has to have a digital marketing strategy. We have seen success of implementing digital media in our marketing and sales activities.
September 21

Information Technology

To become leaner and more efficient, Kapil It following strategic review has split into two main divisions – Kapil It and KCS. KCS is a leading full-service and solution IT Company with three establishments globally – in India as KCS Software Solutions, in United States as KCS Technologies and in Indonesia as PT. KCS Technologies.